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A rectovaginal fistula can be described as an unnatural connection (or fistula) between the lower location of the substantial intestine (the vagina, and the rectum. The contents of the bowel can leak out by means of the vaginal wound which could let stool or gas traverse the vagina.

A rectovaginal fistula may well induce physical and emotional pain and can have an impact on the self esteem of women and their intimacy. Acquire suggestions from the Greatest Fistula Health care provider in Kolkata.

What are the indicators of the rectovaginal fistula?

Rectovaginal fistulas can cause a assortment of indicators and signs or symptoms like

Gasoline or stool passing by means of the vagina

Issues controlling the bowel movements

Vaginal discharge smells like a cigarette.

Vaginal infections that are recurrent

Vagina agony or the perineum (the location between the vagina, and the anus)

Discomfort in the course of sexual intercourse

If a female encounters any of these signs, she need to promptly consult with a gynecologist. Click listed here to make your appointment for a session with a Gynaecologist nowadays or call our authorities proper now!

The causes of rectovaginal Fistula

The most frequently cited leads to of rectovaginal fistula are:

Troubles in childbirth In a prolonged or elaborate vaginal start, the perineum could tear, or the medical professional could need to have to develop cuts inside of the perineum (acknowledged as an episiotomy) to permit the little one to be sent and could outcome in the development of a fistula rectovaginal.

The Inflammatory Bowel Sickness (or IBD)- Crohn’s colitis and ulcerative ailment are the two principal sorts of IBD that cause swelling in women’s digestive tract. In unusual instances of IBD, they may possibly maximize the chance of acquiring a rectovaginal fistula.

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Most cancers or radiation to the pelvis. Vagina cancer or cervix, rectum the uterus or anus may well bring about the formation of a rectovaginal fistula. The radiation treatment plans utilised to address these cancers could also final result in a vaginal fistula.

Surgical procedure on the vagina or rectum perineum or anus could result in an infection or harm that could final result in an irregular opening, which can induce fistulas in the rectovaginal location.

Other brings about for fistulas rectovaginal can be:

An infection in the anus, or the rectum

Infected pouches in just the intestinal tract (or diverticulitis)

A stool trapped in the rectum (or impaction in the feces)

Bacterial infections that result from HIV

Sexual assault

Who is extra at the probability of owning a fistula in the rectovaginal place?

Women are more probably to establish a rectovaginal fistula

She endured a lengthy, difficult or tough labor

The vagina of her perineum was slash in the course of labor or minimize (episiotomy)

Crohn’s condition, also identified as ulcerative colitis

Bacterial infections, these as abscess or diverticulitis

Vaginal cancer the uterus, cervix or rectum, or anus

The procedure of cancers that are vaginal, uterus and cervix, and rectum.

Hysterectomy or other surgical process of the pelvic location

All-around .5 p.c of gals who deliver vaginally go through from rectovaginal fistula. It is far more unusual in sophisticated nations. About 10 percent of women with Crohn’s illness also suffer from a fistula rectovaginal.

Treatment method of fistula rectovaginal

The main remedy for rectovaginal fistulas is operation. Surgery is performed to close the fistula, or to open the. However, ladies are not equipped to go through surgical treatment if she is suffering from an irritation or infection. The fistula’s tissues need to heal just before the procedure.

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Rectovaginal fistula surgeries can be carried out by means of the vagina, abdomen, or perineum. In the class of the technique, the health practitioner will extract a little bit of tissue that is found in other places in the entire body , and then develop an opening in purchase to near the fistula. The medical doctor will also maintenance the muscle tissues that control the anal sphincter, when they are ruined. So go to the Finest Fistula Expert in Kolkata

Distinctive styles of surgical methods may possibly be necessary in numerous cases. The health care provider will ensure the procedure right after producing a crystal clear prognosis of the trouble.

Opportunity dangers of the procedure of rectovaginal fistulas involve:



An infection

The legs or in the lungs

The bowel is blocked

Urinary bladder injury or ureters

Issues of the rectovaginal fistula

Rectovaginal fistulas can effect the sexual lifestyle of a feminine. Other troubles could be:

Incontinence fecale

Vaginal bacterial infections or UTIs that are recurrent

Vaginal irritation of the perineum

Fistula-similar abscess

Yet another fistula next the initial 1 is dealt with

The viewpoint of fistula rectovaginal

In certain instances, the rectovaginal fistula could near itself. The vast majority of the time it is required to proper the challenge.

Stomach surgical treatment for rectovaginal fistula is the most thriving surgical procedure with a results, which is 95 per cent. The vagina or the rectum for the rectovaginal fistula can have all around 55% achievements. If the to start with technique fails on the woman, she’ll involve a second treatment method to treatment the trouble and get hold of reduction.

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