NFT Launchpad: Top 3 Platforms for your New Project

The digital collectibles market has welcomed many new NFT assets primarily through the different accelerator programs. As a result, the innovations have led to a comparison of some of the best NFT Launchpads. 

These platforms must be perfect for creators and investors to have practical value. Many creators continue to ponder the best places to sell their NFT art and how to sell it. 

But with suitable accelerators, you can be confident that your business will get the proper visibility. So even if you are starting, your NFT project can still thrive with the best nft Launchpad

So, before anyone decides on the platform to launch the new NFT, he must know the best options available. Therefore, this article compares all the top 3 NFT Launchpads for new startups. Also, you can begin making informed choices for the best value when launching. Let us consider them one after the other while you choose which one works best for you. 


The number one choice that we recommend as NFT Launchpads is no other but the NFTLaunch. This platform is the first deflationary one that avoids gas wars in its implementation. 

Clients on this platform can easily mint the NFTs without fear of paying exorbitant rates of gas wars. In addition, this Launchpad has a fair sharing of the airdrops for new and upcoming projects. 

Many new NFT startup businesses within the NFT space prefer to use NFTLaunch because of some outstanding experience of experts, technology, and resources. NFTLaunch also has a powerful and experienced team who has successfully launched almost 100 IDOs. 

This success has opened the door for many others in the pipeline. It has also led to the plan to introduce its first NFT Decentralized Offerings NDO. Also, it is ideal for the funding process by NFT investors. 

The Key features of the NFTLaunch

  • An ideal model

NFTLaunch has a three-tier framework, including the NFTStarter, NFTAdvance, and NFTPro. These three models also serve as the platform for investors to participate in the process. They can use their experience, knowledge, and their financial abilities. 

Examples of supported IDO on the NFTLaunch are metaverse gaming, NFTs, and Defi. It also helps access higher tiers with enhanced pool weights, which can participate in special simple mint projects. 

  • Deflationary marketplace mechanism

Another essential feature of the NFTLaunch is the deflationary mechanism which enhances the platform’s functionality. This deflationary mechanism comprises a 12% fee on coin sales. But when one unstakes too soon, it attracts a 20% fee. 

  • Sell fee distribution

The best NFT Launchpads must describe how it distributes the sell fees. And the NFTLaunch is no exception to this rule because it has a 5% ETH/BNB fee. This fee goes to the digital collectible kitty while the team uses it to purchase essential airdrops for tier holders. Furthermore, the NFTLaunch takers also receive 4% of the fees, while the charities collect 1%. 

NFT Launchpad: Top 3 Platforms for your New Project

NFTb Launchpad

The second NFT Launchpad that is on our list is the NFTb with its peculiar features to it. But before we discuss some parts, let us describe the NFTb and how it functions as a top NFT Launchpad in the USA. 

NFTb Launchpad is one of the top crypto Launchpads in the USAs for creators and art fans with high-quality NFTs. This Launchpad is a Defi platform created on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). 

This template can also guide users who can access NFT launchpads from anywhere in the world to create the best benefits. NFTs on the Binance platform allow new users to launch new NFT assets without prejudice to the artist’s location. 

In other words, you can launch your asset on this NFT Launchpad from everywhere in the world. Also, the platform guides how to use the platform and how to benefit from the platform.

In addition, users, art creators, and investors can gain from this platform with a lot to learn. As a new user, you can also learn how to create your NFT art and the best ways to sell them. Then, as these stakeholders invest, they can earn more value. 

When we compare this Launchpad with the others, you will discover that the NFTb remains the cheapest for anyone to start. Its suitability for new NFT projects at their easy stage is another advantage. This feature also allows it to work with multiple financial challenges. 

Best features of the NFTb 

It is time to check some top features of the NFTb as a credible NFT Launchpad in the US. 

  • Integration of Defi

Users on the NFTb Launchpad can freely participate in the marketplace through Yield farming and Launchpad. The Defi attribute of the NFTb makes this possible with ease. At the same time, the NFTb also allows different NFT projects to conduct Initial NFT Offerings (INO). 

This functionality is possible through the proper launch mechanism. It is also a powerful technique for running NFT programs and creating crowds. It does the latter in a way that lessens the risk of offerings. 

  • $NFTB

$NFTB is the native token that solves a unique problem that NFT art creators usually face. These art creators often cannot access high-quality projects on the same Launchpad. However, using the NFTb Launchpad solves that problem. 

How? All the holders of the $NFTB tokens possess equal accessibility privileges on the platform for presale tokens. In addition, those who hold the native token can also participate in the higher tiers of the INOs.

  • INO Models

The INO models on the NFTb Launchpad allow the new project launchers to introduce their offerings to the marketplace. This opportunity provides access to selling valuable NFT art projects using the two embedded techniques. 

The first is on a first-come, first-serve (FCFS) basis, while the second is the lottery style. Using the FCFS model, all the qualified users have the right to participate depending on their registration date on the platform. 

On the other hand, the lottery-style model allows the user to register at any time they desire. But when they do, they must be suitable for the process. 

A lottery occurs at the right time, where participants are drawn randomly from the pool. The selected participants now proceed to optimize the benefits of the platform.

  1. NETPad

The third recommended Launchpad for US art creators and investors is the NETPad. There are many reasons why we consider this platform to be a special one. 

For a start, NETPad is the platform where different creators can mint their digital collectibles as quickly as possible. Also, they can freely trade them on the same platform using its tech features. 

NFTPad is known for some of the latest tools and tech points that tech-savvy collectors can also find helpful. It can also be immensely profitable for art creators who understand what it takes to sell NFT art for a profit. 

Also, the Launchpad is based on the Binance Smart Chain and will be curated on OpenSea.

Key features of NFTPad

There are three main features of the NFTPad, and they are

  • Deflationary marketplace feature

NFTPad is one example of the cross-chain NFT Launchpads. It also provides early access to the diverse activities within the crypto space, including the gaming experience. 

  • High-quality tools

It comprises the essential tools and features NFT creators and collectors need to launch their NFTs to retain collectors. It will be beneficial for blockchain games in the NFT industry.

  • Exclusive airdrops

Another important essential feature of NFTPad is that it incentivizes collectors in a way that they get the right opportunities. 

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